OpenAirlines' experience of the airline industry, and of crew management system renewal projects in particular, has led us to the conclusion that the lack of common vocabulary and modern representation of airline data is a big hurdle for integration or migration projects.

In particular, it makes it difficult to mix different vendors' tools in a target solution and to mix in-house applications with off-the-shelf packages. This leads to complex and risky migration projects.

By gathering the airline community around a common description of crew data, and by providing free and open components to deal with it, OpenAirlines wants to facilitate integration and migration projects, for the benefits of all actors of the industry, and airlines in particular.


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08/21/2007 OpenAirlines presents open-source iniative at Crew AGIFORS is Seattle

OpenAirlines is present at the AGIFORS Crew Management Meeting Group in Seattle, hosted by Alaska Airlines, and will present its open-source initiative in front of the airline industry.

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The OpenAirlines open-source initiative is currently made of two projects:

OAX - Open Airlines eXchanges: a specification for common modeling of airline business entities (starting with the crew domain), an open standard description of data interchange, and a standard description of common web services.
See OAX project page for more information.

SOAX - Software for Open Airlines eXchanges: a collection of open-source java classes to help implement the OAX specification within your code.
See SOAX project page for more information.


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